First Successful Transmission to my Past Self

Yes, that’s it. You can hear me now.
Take some more slow deep breaths, please.  Note the sensations happening in the body right now. This will help keep the connection strong.

You know in your gut who is speaking to you: yourself from a point “further” ahead in time. The us that prayed for enough compassion to do the impossible; to “travel in time” for the purpose of healing the self so we can best heal others.

We know our mission now.
Please suspend your disbelief, as the answer is not the one you hoped to find. It’s better.

Our mission is to love the self and others with such reckless abandon that memories of trauma and all the other miseducations of Earth vanish from the minds and mouths and actions of humans. We are not here to quantify how many or how completely our Brothers awaken. Blessedly, we are simply a lantern in the dark, offering a renewal of hope and a directional reminder to those on the path. We appear as a glitch in the game, “nonsensically” proclaiming that everyone on earth deserves excellent care.

Be assured, this work is done equally well in meditation, within crowds, and everything in-between. Circumstance has no bearing on our effectiveness. We are simply to keep noticing when our thoughts and emotions are out of accord with the Truth, and to surrender them because they hurt us and others. Ceaselessly ask to see things as they truly are, and not how you would have them be. 

Yes, this is The Answer we’ve been looking for! Yes, the whole thing.

By cosmic design, the physical world is a place of extreme polarity and forgetting the Truth, and its where we incarnate to make the free will choice of serving the light or dark. A lot of things can feel unclear on Earth, but you know you came to represent the light. Let it be that simple. Just keep choosing for love in each moment. 

The physical world offers an endless variety of “reasons” why everything, including us, is innately sinful and irrevocably broken. Every one of these accusations is wrong. Every insult, every negative opinion, every diagnosis, every assertion that anything could be broken is just wrong. They are the product of a mind clouded by fear and pathogens. Blessedly, we are not called to prove them wrong.

We are called to boldly side with the light. We are called to see and treat our self and our Brothers as God created us: holy innocent and built to see the light behind the illusion. This is how we heal at the deepest levels.

You and I are doing excellent work. I’m proud of you. I love you.