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About SugarRocket.com
There is (some) method to this madness.

Hey, dudes. You've reached SugarRocket, which is a personal site that doesn't so much have a focus as it does just have a lot of random things on it. Sometimes I like to share the things I make when I write/design/cook/craft/otherwise create so... that's pretty much what you're going to see here. It's what you've been seeing since 1999. Yes, olde skool.

As the proprietress of sugarrocket.com you can refer to me in one of two ways. Lauren K was my birth name, but I'm seriously considering changing it to Sugar Darling. I never disliked my name, but I find Sugar rolls off everyone's tongue. Kinda like in Dirty Dancing where everyone calls a teenage girl Baby, and at first it seems absurd but then you hear it a few times and it somehow seems appropriate. (OK there are other, more serious, reasons for the change, but they're none of yo' bizness.)

I am an idealist, a true double Capricorn with a kinky reinvention-obsessed Scorpio moon. Indeed, it sometimes seems that I have an evil (yet often fantabulous) twin. Staying a kid forever is one of my goals and despite the whole inevitable aging thing I am doing a pretty good job.

Since 2000 I have been happily married to Sean (which is a genuinely enjoyable irony since he's about the only non-female that I like-like), and as of May 2005 we live with 2 kitties named Tavarua and MC Chris (we miss you dearly, sweet Mable). I'm a full-time (and then some), independent web developer, webmistress, and I dream big HUGE dreams about making vegan fast-food type restaurants, drive-ins, and affordable family fun centers once we relocate from California to New Zealand. I'm a cinephile with a wide range of film tastes, and a new-ish obsession with zombie movies (and a hope that armageddon goes down like a Romero film).

I don't think most of it is apparent online, but I'm largely a smirker. I love ridiculous humor, sarcasm, dry wit, and satire. I'm usually wearing a thoughtful look, that smirk, or a scowl. In life, I'm not moved to be a smartass, it just happens. Online I am moved to talk about more serious topics, things that have been weighing on my heart, and I wouldn't be shocked if I were thought of as being a stick in the mud because of it. I really don't care though. If the online community "gets" me, then they deserve a plaque. If they don't... eh.

The things that make my heart soar are few, focused, and for me, utterly dreamy. Nostalgia colors much of the landscapes of my dreams. I was born in 1980, which means I exited the 80's at the tender age of 10. I think this is the perfect age to absorb the positives (the last generation to experience a real childhood, or so I think) and be oblivious to the factors that ruined the 80's. My memories are full of imaginative play, amazing 8 bit video games, BMX bikes, roller rinks, walks through fields, annual swimming lessons, Disneyland, and endless sun. Almost every beautiful memory I have is tinged with sunshine, like an aging photograph. The painful bits (which are numerous) I try to let go, and the good bits I try to recreate now that I'm old enough to really, super appreciate them. This is partly why the things that make me so blissfully happy are lo-tech, cheap, and largely physical. Reading, writing, roller skating, Halloween, my birthday, banana seat bikes, 80's movies & indie movies, little white tops with multi colored heart patterns, school, crafty stuff, retro arcades, county fairs & traveling carnivals, popsicles, community pools, folding lawn chairs, drive in theaters, 80's/90's kid's shows, thrift stores, retro bathing suits, Disneyland, playing in the park, community-sponsored classes, outer space, baking & cooking my own healthy food, sewing my own goofy clothes, and of course spending time with my few loved ones. If I can just continue to see the same joy in a sunset or a sky full of stars, I think I can be happy even in this dying world.

It used to be laughable to me when others seemed to define themselves in lists of the things they purchased and consumed. "I'm addicted to soda X, I love car manufacturer X, I only wear clothing company X's products" etc. Now I see that these are more telling than I first imagined. We are a culture of consumers, and we do define each other in terms of what companies we are patronizing, whether we admit it or not.

One of the things that so sets me apart from my contemporaries is my desire to be self-sufficient. I find the idea of having to go to work to get money to pay companies to make products for me to be short sighted. The industrial revolution promised us easier lives with shorter working hours, and instead we've gotten the opposite. In attempts to live a more authentic life (where I have free time, fresh/safe food and other products, a clean planet, and healthy, happy human and animal cohabitants) I consume differently than most people. For food I buy cruelty-free, plant-based, organic, locally grown ingredients rather than pre packaged food. For transportation I use an 80MPG scooter, a bicycle, or public transit. For entertainment I try to rely on human interaction or other fun things listed above. Recycling, composting, reusing materials, and second-hand items are other ways that I try to keep my "footprint" on the planet small, while still easily fulfilling all of my needs and having a great time. Some people try to dismiss this sort of lifestyle as restrictive or difficult, but I don't believe they've ever really experienced the joy of voluntary simplicity. It's an amazing combination of knowing you're doing the right thing, rediscovering simple pleasures (which provide far deeper fulfillment), trading work hours for free time, and still having all of your needs be fulfilled. It makes me very happy and I can't imagine living any other way!

OK now that we're all either rolling our eyes or nodding off... Thanks for stopping by. Do have a pleasant stay.

Love & Rockets,
Sugar Darling

PS- As of summer 2007 this page is getting kinda outdated. My how people grow and change! I think I'll make a new bio sometime this year. And ditch that picture where my damn hair is all stupid-boring-flat from an accidental chemical straightening :(

Sugar Darling, in the house