so. what's your super scrape with death?

i was born with immature tear ducts which required surgery. at the age of 6 months i was sent to my eye doctor so he could drill those little holes in my head for me. he put me under, which was a bit too much for my tiny, frail body and what wassuppose to be a 2o-30 minute opperation turned into a 3 hour one. no one told my mom that they lost me on the table for a while, until they revived me. so i guess my brush with deat hwas death itself.
I few years ago, while I was still home in DC, some friends and I were coming from a concert at the 9:30 club when it was still located in NW DC. Anywho, my best friend Brian and I left the main group to get to our car. It was pretty late and the lights in DC arren't very bright. Well, out of an alley comes this guy all jacked up on meth or something and asks for a few dollars. We tell him we don't have any money and try to walk on, well, he pulls out a shoty from under his coat and before I know it, Brian's head was gone. The guy looked at me and said, "live with that motherf**ker you cheapskate punk" and walked off. The worst part of the whole deal was that there was a cop car about a block and a half down the road that just turned a corner and left. To this day I don't know why he chose Brian instead of me or if it was something that was intended to intensify my suffering through this life, but whatever, it's the most vivid memory of violence and death that I have.
well, being the only freak in an innercity high school was rather rough, but i made the best of it. i made a few friends, i was in the school band, and i was a well respected student. i had finally achieved something i've always dreamed about: a sense of belonging. then, one day, i happened to be late for school. it's the policy there to shove all the late kids in the cafeteria, as to not disturb the actual "learning" process. i sat down outside in a corner by myself and began to just play around on my bass. after five minutes, i got bitched out by the supervisor and was sent inside to be with the rest of the "delinquents." again, i sat down in a corner and played. i over heard a group of thugs talking about how they hated that white dude, me. a few of them walked up to me, and asked me to "play like carlos santana" (maria, maria, was a big hit then.) "i don't know it," I replied, "sorry." a few minutes later, another group came up and asked to hold my bass. i replied that i was busy with it, and they could see it during lunch. they pretended they were okay with it. but i knew what they were going to do, i was just waiting for the moment to exist. they shuffled away, and i relaxed a bit. then they struck. i curled into a ball, clutching my beloved instrument against me as fists hands and timberland boots sought me out with the intention to make me pay for being different. after a while, it ceased and i ran out of the building with tears in my eyes. and i never went back. i miss the feelings i had of safety and contentment that going to school gave me.
hmmmm.... this is actually kinda tought, there have been a fair few close calls so far. I wont go into them all, instead i think i'll just concatanate them and the result and if your really curious... well hey u can email me. (Might stop you all from getting bored too) ok lets see..... ok i've had 6 assorted drug O.D's (tatol time in hospital and rehab about 2 years. 3 suicide attempts - kids... suicide is stupid... but the tatoo's you get to cover the scars are insane. 2 car accidents (bruised spine on the first one.... a peice of broken fence post went through my shoulder the other time.... oh and i asked for a bacon sandwitch while in (unbeknownst to me at the time) a kosher resturaunt - ok maybe it wasnt real danger but with the way they looked at me and all it felt bad enough. so yeah... thats me
  uhm, once my friends and i were in a very ghetto dunkin donuts (at like 2am, mind you), and this guy came over and said that a guy just pulled a gun on him, and asked me if i had ever had a gun pulled on me. i said no (wrong answer i know), and he proceeded to help me out with that. needless to say i avoid ALL dunkin donuts now.
I dont know why I feel it necesary to recount to this to total strangers. Guess I like to talk and dont have anyone to tell it to. My closest scrape with death that I feel was the most important in my life was a suicide attempt. I didnt get as far as cutting myself in this. I had the knife on my wrist when my girlfriend walked in. We had been fighting and at that time she wasn't my girlfriend for a couple weeks. Its wierd I'd wanted to try and kill myself many times. I still do sometimes. That was just the closest I came to it. The deterrent was strange as well. She told me"For every cut you take. I'll take two." I still dont understand what meaning that has, but I guess thats part of the reason I love her even with all the shit she puts me through.
  A van came so close to running me over that I could feel the rush of air hitting me off the side of the white sheet metal... Such is life running around down town chicago as a young boy...
-a rascal
I didn't really have a "brush with death"...however..I did try to end my own life by taking my dad's heart medication and rollerblading to the railroad tracks...where I'd hope to pass out and get run over by a train...However...things didn't go to plan...and something pushed me to go home and just go to sleep...I woke up 18 hours later to find myself in my bed. something about the sunshine that day made me feel happy to still be alive...
i have a 1969 dart ( like a valiant kinda) 225 slant 6 and i was comin home from playing a bar ( i was 18 but it was cool) at 1 am and i was racin this ford and i was going about 130ish 145 on the 15 and i snapped a rod and it blew a hole in the block and made lots of sharp shrapnel. my oil dumped on my manifold and it looked like a bomb got dropped on the freeway. it was funny about a year later.
i have a story about angels... i am 27 years old and i have a 4 year old son. my son was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor at the age of 8 mos. old. he had brain surgery to remove the tumor(the size of a lemon) from his head. after the surgery he had to go thru 2 years of chemo therapy treatment(my personal version of hell) he has finished the treatment and is doing fine now. he has developmental delays, but is a wonderful miracle. i had to tell you his background for the stroy to make sense... so here goes! my son laughs and gigles, runs around the house, is up at 3 am playing and reading books and he is looking and talking to the air? or so it would seem? its like he has invisible friends yet he is only 4 and mentally only 2. it started in the hospital and still happens today... i know in my heart, that he is playing with ANGELS! they come and go and he plays with them. you can feel there love and the energy in the air! true story.
i was three or four and my parents were driving twelve hours straight from the military base in nc to scenic, dirty warren, oh for some holiday or another. my dad was doing about seventy, when, reportedly, he turned around to see me in the backseat, standing up with my door open. i guess i was just staring at the pavement run fast. sometimes i think i remember that, but it could just be my imagination. the hypnotic effects of white stripes on midnight roadways...
Well, OK I have the "suicide" stories, and such and so on, but this one isn't about me, but something I did. When I was about 4 and my baby sister was about a year old, I got the Flinstones vitamins out of the pantry (wich was a story all in itself) and walked right past my father, who did ask what I was doing, but didn't bother to get up when I said "taking my vitamins". I sat under the pool table (where all the no nos were done) and proceded to feed my sister all the vitamins I didn't want to eat (I only ate the dinos). My mom found us not *too* much later, and after an afternoon in the urgent care having blood work, and her stomach pumped it was determined that she would be OK. But man, I nearly killed my sister. And that was the second time...
  so maybe you are unaware but i almost drowned when i was wee. thank goodness for diaper gym and swim wit my mommy! me and this other l'il one snuck over to the heavenly insatiable wrath of the inground pool next to our daycare. malheureusement, only I made it back. pretty close, huh?! i don't remember any of it. its like a mere soapdish to me but i have clippings to prove it. and the parental account. sniffle sniffle.
i have 2 and i cant decide which one was worse. when i was around 10 my cousin and his family took me to the beach. the water was pretty rough that day and i had swam out further than i should have. when i realized how far out i was i decided to go back but was rather tired. i thought swimming underwater would be easier so i went under. i swam into somebody while i was under and when i surfaced it was a man drowning. he grabbed onto me a pulled me down trying to save himself. it took everything i had to stay above water and free myself from him. i honestly didnt care about him dying i was too scared. i got closer to shore and called for people to help and he was saved.
#2: when i was 18 me and some friends went skydiving. when we got to the place i was scared instantly when i saw that they were based out of a run down barn. we went inside to do our training and they had little kids packing really ratty look parachutes. so we do our shit bla, bla, bla, and we get into the plane to make our jump. there were three of us and i ended up going last. there was a cord attached to the chute to automatically pull it open soon after we left the plane. so i make my jump. my chute opens but i am still dropping REALLY fast. i look up and the chute is all balled up and the cords are all twisted. i freak. the guys on the radio were screaming at me to do something but i was in shock. i grabbed the cords and started pulling as hard as i could when suddenly the chute opens fully and iam floating to the ground. it's strange because as scared as i was, as soon as the chute opened i was at ease and fully calm. there was nothing but total silence for about a minute.
  my scrape with death would be the one where i cut my wrist. sad and not pretty. i sat on the cold floor an watched the red flow out of my wrists into my toliet till i feel asleep. woke up in the hospital. i'm here today to tell my tail an i consider that my guradian angel was the girl that found me an made me want to really live. thank you laura.
me and a crew of friends were on our way to kentucky. i was driving the van and things were going well, at the drive in on the stereo, people talking, when suddenly i got that feeling that everything was moving in slow motion. all the vehicle around us had stopped and though i had been watching the road, i had somehow been oblivious to this. we were in the center lane and there were trucks all around us. my heart jumped into my throat and it felt like we were floating in jello. i was going like 50 mph and the van had abs breaks which i was totally not used to. somehow i steered us between the vehicles around us with literally 4 inches on each side. only the girl riding shotgun had noticed at thei point that we were 4 inches from death and she started freaking out. i was waiting for the crash sound but it never came. we drifted into another lane without a sound and then suddenly everybody realized what had happened. we pulled over and stopped for awhile, caught our breath, and kept on truckin.
  yeah, death has been at my door. and my door was flimsy and the hinges required a little grease. the horrific sound of death oppening my squeaky door.. oh no! okay, sorry. here goes my story. when i was younger, i was unaware of the danger in drinking such household products found under the kitchen sink such as draino, liquid plumber, and various others. i found them to just be a slightly off-beat alternative to my highly concentrated kool-aid diet at that age. long story short, my mom found me with a half empty bottle of draino in my lap, blue tounge, and shivering on the kitchen floor. after calling 911, the good old ambulance came and pumped my stomach. i would have died i guess if my mom hadn't found me in time. then there was another time i insisted i could hold my bladder for 72 hours and failed miserably. this led to an intense operation at the age of 4, as well as a pee that lasted longer than your average mtv commercial break (which mind you, is LONG.) thank you.
The scariest time I almost died was about a year and two weeks ago. I was out on sort of a first date, except other people were there too. We went to some private beach in Laguna to have a bonfire at 2:00 in the morning. We didn't bring our own firewood. Needless to say, the wood by the beach was all wet and rotted out, so we went swimming. It was cold-o-rama, but still lots of fun. Anyway, my (sort of) date and I ended up getting way too far away from shore and started to panick. It should also be noted that the floor of this particular stretch of the ocean was seemingly made of razors and daggers and other sharp things. We tried to swim in, but we were facing the Most Strong Tide In The World, plus, our muscles were frozen from being in negative 5000 degree water.
That, Lauren, was my super scrape with death..
  i've had numerous close encounters that were automobile related, so it's hard to pick one. but i'd have to say my closest encounter with death was when i was an newborn infant. my mother (or whoever was responsible for me at the time, i'll never know) decided it was a good idea to leave me unattended in a train station in seoul (korea) with no intention of returning for me. fortunately, someone found me and i eventually ended up at holt family services in inchon, where i was later adopted. 25 years later, here i am. yeah, that would probably be the one.
It's the typical dumb drunk teen story. flying down the wind-ee streets of the little town where i went to high school, i had drank a big bottle of so co with a couple of friends, and was all scared, tired, wasted and alone driving home that cold, black ice, december night. i took a hairpin corner at 50, hit that ice and skidded off and away into the bushes [oh thank god they were just bushes] i told you--typical.dumb.drunk.teen. and what's even worse is even after the huge branch crashed thru the passenger side window, and the smoke started to rise out of the hood...the first thing i thought of was 'gotta get the new express jeans i just bought at the mall out the back seat-- and fast!!' silly stupid girl comin at ya..

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