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     The A-List ;
Mable's Vintage - Lauren Lionheart - Effortless Vitality

     Grandé Projects ;
vegan info: learn about that fabulous plant-based thang

     Small-Medium Projects ;
the worst "about" page ever
38 pictures of lauren: time travel to 2005 + 2006!
web design graveyard:
ye olde sugarrocket layouts
netflix tom foolery: how many DVDs can i watch in 3 months?
confession question: spill your friggin guts

     Teeny Projects/Experiments ;
isabella: erotic vampire flash fiction. seriously.
secret society: boys will hate this
save the world: for the armchair activist in us all
dos churros: my XhardcoreX band
reasons to wake up: a joyous list of wonderful things (at the time...)
she made me crazy: for a girl who made me lose my way
do you know who you are: i have to be so busy playing that i don't notice you watching.
renewal: i had to go first. eventually you came with me.