So. What's the weirdest or most questionable thing you've eaten?

  ... oK oK, weirdest thang ever eaten? A button....not just swallowed, but actually chewed up and swallowed. ha..yup, I was screwed up on somethin' that night, that's for damn sure.
I assume that I don't stand alone when I confess I ate my boogers when I was a raggamuffin.
  i ate and swallowed the stories about historical heroes for a long time. just recently i found out that the true taste was masked.. grr.
-xkevin (more)
When I was around 14*i'm 19 now* my aunt and uncle came down from Laguna Beach. They're really rich. They eat cavier(sp?) and fancy wine and all that shit. So my aunt brought all this fancy crap for a party. One of the things was duck liver patee that she said was *fabulous* on crackers. She kept eating it, and eating it, and as I watched her I became more and more curious to how it tasted. Then I remembered how my dad always gave me shit about having tunnel vision and not being open minded to new things, food, etc. So I figured this would shut him up. It took me awhile to actually do it. After a long observation and thought process I convinced myself to go for it...I took a was soooooo disgusting. The taste was stuck in my mouth for like a week after. Don't ever try it. Oh...and my dad said that it was lame that I tried it cuz he wouldn't even touch the stuff.
  hi Lauren, well... the weirdest thing i used to eat must have been the ban roll-on deodorant stick i used to lick when i was five years old...then i moved on to cigarette ashes.
urine ice cubes
  Cat food. The dry kind. I used to eat it when I was little. It was actually quite good :o)
Oh okay - well how bout this?! Do you think it's advisable to eat the tongue of another animal? Maybe not. It's prolly not even RIGHT!! But we did.... Deer tongue for everyone! We went hunting... I didn't - I just watched and made commentary about all the creepy crawly stuff around us. And when they finally killed a deer, a suggestion was made to eat the tongue too! [Note to self: NEVER do that AGAIN!!] End note. :-}
we had this cheese tasting lab for home ec. one day. i am posotive that it wasn't cheese but the teacher insisted it was. i don't remember what it was called either, all i know is that it was white and lumpy and it tasted like throw-up...or something.
i am so depressed. how ironic is it that Atom's was the coolest fucking tatoo and now he's gone? he left the band... i mean.. i'm a drummer and rftc is my favorite band in the world, and unless they recruit john bonham's late son, i just don't think i can dig any new drummer.. i already have my rocket tatoo planned out, but it's just a sketch, i will have it all digitized and find the best tatooist (sp?) to do it.. maybe i could be their new drummer... rawk...and oh yeah i ate some octopus legs which is "taco" in japanese.
  i'm sure i've eaten tons of nasty shit but here's one: liver pate when i was in frankenmuth w/jeff. just told us it was a dip and gave us some crackers. what an evil trick to pull on someone, those damned lederhosen wearing bitches!
ok once when i was in around 1st or second grade i believe.. i dunno i lived in torrance.. my best friend named Jeff Gross (yep that was his last name, and it fits with thte story) well we were outside in his frontyard playing with our poundpuppies, yes we each had one and we were boys, so what.. well there was this tree and we would climb it all the time and it always had a nice thick trail of ants on it, and suddenly Jeffery ate one.. then it took about an hour and 5 ants later to convience me to eat one. i was horrified at the thought of eating an ant, and what would the joy in it be anyway?.. well i ate one, and just to make sure that one wasn't alone in my belly i ate another, and i do have to confess they tickled my tongue as they scurried around in your mount.. ewww.. well also with that story, several years later when i was at wild rivers, i believe i was telling the story to matt as we waited in a long line for wipeout, he didn't believe me so i ate an ant that went by .. it wasn't a good experience, but it happened.. and in the words of john hensen.. iiit's trrruuueee (echo, echo)
  wheatgrass fasts are evil. and that's all i've got to say about that. makes me feel like a plant or something.