so. what's the costume to put all other costumes to shame that you've sported?

Halloween scared the heck out of me. I once dressed up as a vampire hunter though. After that I quit trick or treating.
-samuel lewis
  i was a nikon camera one year. i took a big box and painted it black. a smaller box got covered with foil and acted as the button and i put one of those square plastic/vinyl clear things that you buy linens in, over my head as a flash. wrote stuff on the front. like nikon and all the different distance meters. for some dorky reason i wore black tights also, which for an 8th grade boy is pretty much suicide. but i spent a lot of time on it. my stepdad never let me and the sibs go trick or treating, but we used to go to these big halloween parties with all these old arty types and they gave us healthy snacks.
i'm being a pink pixie for halloween. i got pink wings and everything. *rock.
-katie bangbang
  I had my share of plastic mask and vinyl smock store-bought costumes (Strawberry Shortcake is the only one to spring to mind) but my favorite costume I ever wore was the night sky. It was a midnight blue sweatsuit that I painted with silver and gold stars and a crescent moon. I was an artsy child, oh yes. That was the first year I had to make my costume alone, because my parents had been heavy-duty fighting. Ever since then my mom never got the same joy she used to in helping me with the sewing and glue and glitter.
hmm. i was never really anything that dorktafied [surprising] i was a clown with blue hair once. my mom was like aww come on be a fairty. being the brat that i was [still am to a point] i said hellno that i wanted to be a uhm *thinking of things not like fairies*.. a clown. with blue hair. i went as a grandma once, grey hair with rollers in it.. a bathrob. was some comfy stuff. hm i cant remember any better ones. maybe ill ask my mom ...
  My parents wanted me to be gay, plain and simple. My brother gets to be a robot, my cousin (the lone girl in this group) gets to be a demon, and -I-, I get to be a bunny rabbit. With cute pink bows, no less.
-brian ford
When I was 4 my mother had sewn together a green and pink dinosaur outfit. I walked around Toronto all night in that outfit, and it was a blast. I still have it, even though I'm going on 18, but it signified so many joys of my childhood. Those are the days I miss!
  My boldest of all time was dressing up like a pimp for the churches Harvest Festival where I work as a youth minister. Not only that, but my youth group dressed up as my hos. Oh yeah! I see the forthcomings of a cult. Anyway, I had the flares, the shades, the jewelry, and the fro, and after the Festival the kids and I went to the non-white side of town and watched a movie. The local girls took pictures with me, but I don't think I impressed the local guys too much. It's cool, baby, it's cool.
-russ farmer
Marilyn Monroe when I was 9, Vulcan preistess when I was 13, Mermaid when I was 7, umm...that's all of the noteable one I can remember. The merwaid costume actually had a full tail, and my father was required to carry my around the neighborhood in a fucking wheelbarrow.
-alice biley
  Uh... I really don't think this puts yours to shame. I think it shames me actually :) But in second grade I was a Pound Puppy. Cheap face mask, plastic suit, and all.
when I was 9, I read some book by some dum-ass, and I thought It would rule to dress up as a 3 muskateer. my mom made the costume,it was cool but they were all out of plastic swords, so I had to use my dads beveled edge excaliber.let me just tell you kids,that shit was sharp- after lopping the heads off the first five neighbors I got bored,so I had to draw 'n quarter the old lady that gave out walnuts every year.
  i was leonardo the ninja turtle once *hides*. he was always my fave. cowabunga!
Ok this is the bestest I swear! Two years ago I moved to Tucson and it was days before Holloween. So my ever so sexy roomate and I decided to go to the Tucson Holloween Street Fair! I didn't have a costume so I took an old dildo I got for my 18th bday and a pair of fishnet undies and some slutty clothes I had and I made up a costume...I told some ppl I was a hooker w/ a penis and others that I was drag queen and what have you...just left it up to the imagination for the most's a longer story but that's the gist of it. kissies, kimberly
  nice one lauren! lemme see...the one that sticks out is the incredible hulk, age 6. Same deal as yer donald duck costume...thin-shell of plastic mask, with one-size -fits-all green garb thing. i was a pink bunny once, that was cute 'n' fun (even though i stepped in dog shit) my ultimate fave tho' was lady godiva, when i was 17. I was at a big big party in Brookline and as you know, lady godiva was a woman of no apparel, so i was the most popular chick there...and "dancing queen" kept playing all night...and the "..young and sweet, only 17 line..."was nice to hear whilst spinning around and around with everyone cheering me on. yahh. thats it. :)
one time i was a .. uh.. black hole memory.. ehh.. [if i don't make one up she will kill me] um i was probably spiderman once, and if i remember the stories correctly i pernounced it piderman with no "s". and no i didn't say my name as "on" happy? wife? hello? ehhh don't hurt me.
  growing up we had to hide from my ferociously fundamentalist grandmother that we went "begging" for halloween, so no ghoulish or scary costumes or anything. my mother made one clown costume and made my brother and i share it. basically it was clown one year, cowboy [which consisted of a dorky cowboy hat, jeans and a crummy western shirt] the next for the first, er, 10 years of my life. yeah, really sad. what i wouldn't have given to wear that witch costume just ONE YEAR. i would have been one BADASS witch.
i've just about run the gamut on rad halloween costumes... bugs bunny, maid marion, punk rockahhh, fairy, bunny, go-go girl. hell yes i was a cute kid. but my first year gathering candy in a pillow case i was donald duck. that's my all time fave. it was a cheap ass store bought plastic mask job, but i was in love with that duck and my family knew it.

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