so. what's your happiest moment?

Well, I was crazy for this beautiful boy Evan... and I realized that I was falling head over heels in love with him but I didn't want to mention it first... it seems that guys *at least in movies* get scared away by that.. so I waited.. and one night I asked him how long he thought it would take him to fall completely in love with me.. he said maybe 3 more weeks. Well, the next week we are at his huse watching tv and he turns to me and says "and what if I love you before 3 weeks??" and I said "well I would hope that you would tell me.." and he waited a few minutes.. kissed me and said "well.. I know that I do love you".. it may sound cheezy.. but.. it makes my heart melt...
My moment (well, one of my moments anyway) would be putting out the one and only 7" I ever put out on my now defunct record label, Black Coffee Records by an also now defunct local band called Bobwolf. With the exception of the band and their friends, EVERYONE who heard the 7" hated it and I lost quite a bit of money putting it out but I had an absolute blast doing it and I'll always cherish that time in my life.
-Andrew Jacobs
I met the lady who was to be my wife while travelling on a "find myself" trip with my dog. I stopped off in Mississippi, and met a girl with the most beautiful smile. We spent a day together, and as I prepared to drive off into the sunset (literally), I took a moment to talk to her one last time. We wound up talking (and yes I kissed her) for 6 hours under a Style Cigarette sign at a roadside gas station outside of Jackson Ms. I went back to Cali, and got the nerve to move back to Ms. and we were married a year later(8 years ago).
i caught a baseball one time
  The first time I performed in the Academy of Music in Philadelphia in a local community orchestra. It was my absolute dream to play in this orchestra since I started my classical training at age 8. At 16 on a may night in the late 1990's I made my academy debut.
That night i performed along many great artists and played works by Gustav Holst and Gershwin.

I still hold a very special place in my heart for the academy. My idols played on that stage in the philadelphia orchestra. In particular, James cooper, cellist.
i just realized how much John Frusciante did in fact change my life.
I remember a few years ago when I was really sad. Sadder than I am today...and a lot sicker too.
All I ever thought about was death. Suicide. Drugs. Sex. Murder. Guns. Knives.
Anything remotely negative basically...

But that one night I saw Anthony Kiedis on the Soapbox for MTV News 20/20 and he announced John's rejoining the band...I literally bounced off the walls screaming.
Bcuz then I knew...if John could make it through, what he had been through (heroin, depression and insanity), then I could most definently make it through the sickness that had been haunting me for so long.

He gave me the confidence.
His music gave me life again.
Everyday, I am so grateful that I have discovered this man.
And everyday, I thank the higher powers that he didn't kill himself.

I love you John.
There's no emotion I can deeply express to tell you how much you have done for me.
Thanks, man.
Thanks for everything...
  Kissing my lover for the first time. Oddily enough it was in the server room in work.
Spending new years eve, one full of loud music and cheerful friends, laying next to a girl who I would later discover to be one of the most wonderful people I had ever met.
it was my first day at school, i told my mom that i didnt want to go to school unless i got to ride th bus. that i had to ride it to and from school that i wouldnt go unless i could ride it. she told me "ok but just this once Gregory" :)
I think It must have been the time when I was 25, and I played bass in front of 20,000 people with a famous band from texas.
I thought they were all applauding for JUST ME.
At least I like to think they were.
i was riding my brand new motor bike that i had a few weeks earlier and my parents and famly were behind me all watching me. i came to a round about stop signald and went on. i came to a pretty sharp bend on the motorway and i was doing about 70mph when i suddenly felt the bike come from under me. i hit the ground pretty hard. i woke to find myself in hospital. i had hit an oil patch and came off.ok not bad i thought im ok. i find out later that i had died in the ambulance for about 10 munits . thats when it hit me. i had died if God hadnt wanted me to died then i wouldent have. and i figure God has sumthing good planned for me.
It was my first date with my now wife. Her mother was babysitting at her house. I had to hide in the alley for 3 hrs. It was worth it in the end!
by chance i was thrown together with an unlikely group at IBM in fishkill, NY. One claimed to be a guitarist, the other a singer, and i coincidentally am a bass player. so on that fateful day of september 11th we were sent home from work early, we decided to stop by the liquor store, purchase some "medicine" and jam. what came about was a fusion of metal/rock/grunge and later added a jazz influenced drummer which formed the band In Itself. on a whim i submitted a demo of ours to to get on a CD compilation. we were contacted 6 weeks later with an offer for a recording contract. that... was my amazing moment.
the first time I djed in a club....the club was empty but it was my first time controlling a powerfull sound system....I got to go out of town where they have real systems and I had forgotten what it is like....I jones for that again daily
years ago i was hit by a car. it was on the 4th of july. the night was too hot for details, but the last thing i remember was trying to cross the road to talk to some girls with my drunk friend. as we crossed the road a van hit me at 40 mhp. knocking me into a wild crash and burn in my sidewind partner. as my body hit his we rolled down the tx bridge into unconsiousness. of course i do not remember any of it. an hour later i woke in the middle of a scan. bright lights had surrounded me and my squinty eyes. it was too much. i simply thought i had died and some how went to heaven. at my young age i just figured that i had not had enough time to live to become a bad seed or be a harsh person to my fullest potential. i closed my eyes as i felt my body come out of the scan. i asked "is this heaven?" "no" a voice said. in a horrid silent panic i rushed my eyes open as fast as i could and saw my parents. i was alive and never felt better to be.
I would think my most memorable moment is when we had our first kiss. It was at the Zoo Bar [Now called the Zen Lounge- which now bites arse] It was a cool goth bar- which was kind of funny since we are both white whiteys straight and narrowy. We had been casually dating for a month before that and I was dying to know if and when he would ever kiss me. I remember having a few Mikes hard lemonade, and we sat at a quiet end of the bar on a couple of stools. Jeremy mentioned that he knew I liked him, and I was all golly gee willickers shucks. We talked about nothing and then he just motioned me forward, and I leaned over, and I gave him a big huge slobbery wet one. Our kisses got better after that. I love my Jeremy!
my best moment was when i realized i was never going to have people like me, so i became really introverted and now i dont strive to be something im not to please the jocks, preps, elitists, etc...i just drum and read all day. :)
Standing on stage in front of hundreds of people, including my filthy-rich hyper-bourgeois in-laws, belting out Marianne Faithfull's "Working Class Hero" and loading the song with every ounce of anger accumulated over 30+ years of grinding poverty and busting my ass just to stay even, and every ounce of pride in not selling out my soul to become a bourgeois hypocrite corporatron drone, every ounce of pride in every person I know who didn't sell themselves out to become the person school teaches us we "should" be....and then, hearing the applause and admiring shouts when I was done.
my shining moment occurred on the 3rd date with sean. standing in a mcdonald's parking lot, and listening to weezer, i watched my future husband nervously work up the courage to kiss me. for hours we sat, until the sun came up and he finally held my face in his giant hands and leaned down for our first kiss.


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