so. what's your earliest memory?

favorite earliest memory--guess i must have been 4 or 5, every night after supper, before the sun would set, my parents and i would go out to the front yard, and my mom and dad would sit in their lawn chairs drinking ice tea, chatting with all of the other parents, while marc, scotty and i would giggle and run up the small hill in the front lawn of our apratments (although to us, at the time. it seemed like a very large hill!) and roll down! we would do this over and over until the sun and set, then we'd all have some watermelon (by now, we could hardly keep our little eyes open!) and then go off to bed...and wait to do it all over again the next night.
It's sort of hazy, because it happened really fast. When i was 5 or 6, the front door of my house was bashed in by the cops. My father had been growing, i guess, a lot of marijuana. They seized him and my brother and I sat on the stairs and were in awe of how calm my mother was as they beat the shit out of him in the drive way. I remember some of the racial slurs they called him, and i remember all of them being terribly wrong.
I must have been 3-4 sleepin in my bed waitin for the evil hand to come up from the bottom of my bed grap me and drag me under.
I remember once when I was 3 almost turning 4. We wereat this lake fishing with some of my parents friends. I slammed my hand in the camper door andbroe it all up. Thats the earliest thing in my life I can actually think and remember it happening without anyone else reminding me of.
i got it. i memba. it wasn't having the chicken pox and being jealous that my friend luke was going outside and i couldn't. it was getting a dan-van for my [3rd?] birthday and the feeling of disbelief when i'd say 'left' and it drove left and 'right' and it drove right. it was my first encounter with how fun technology is.
my earliest memory is: i was a few months old, maybe one year. my daddy was teaching me to swim. he held me, bouncing in the water... "one.. two.. *hup*" meaning 'hold your breath!' twas an underwater world of bubbles swirling about and beams of light dancing through the waves. no joke! ah fine, maybe i was almost 2.
guess it was christmas eve and I was allmost 3 yrs. old. I woke up in the middle of the night to take a leak, and I noticed that my mom unplugged the lights on the tree.I figured that might piss of santa, so I plugged them back in.when I stood up though I bumped the tree and the whole goddamm thing fell right on top of me, pinning me to the living room floor. I screamed & screamed till my parents woke up and pulled it off make a long story short, I woke up christmas morning with tree sap all over my pj's and a sore ass. and to top it all off, THAT FAT BASTARD SANTA DIDNT EVEN GET ME A AFX RACE TRACK!
I was living in Maryland, when my dad was still in the Air Force. I was in this jumper thing (apparently I loved those, and walking around barefoot too) and my dad had my brother and I outside collecting rocks for a fishtank. I couldn't have been more than 4.
i remember, clearly, standing in a crib-bed and watching my parents put up rainbow wallpaper. i remember the arrangement of furniture in the room, the colors of it all, and the smell of the paste. i asked my parents later on when it was they put the paper up, and they said that i was two and a half. it was just a glimpse, something like a dream, but a real memory none-the-less, and my earliest one!
i think my earliest memory is riding on the escalator with my mom when we were living in alaska.....i don't know which, but it was a department store of some sort.......i also remember that she bought me "don't spill the beans" and "don't break the ice" that afternoon......
I remember getting lost at EPCOT center when I was 3. I remember wandering through the crowd (and not being scared at all) then a security guy picking me up an bringing me back to my mom.
all i remember is being kicked by the school bully Oh!
What I remember is having my dad bring me a toy Steak "N" Shake semi truck when I lived in KY (around 4-6y/o). I also remember playing on a playground and being pushed off the slide somewhere in the same time period....don't know wich is earlier.
-joe Y
I remember living in a house then move to another one a house away cool huh. I remember i twisted my ancle in my room jumping off bunker beds thanks to my sister. I remember when the bone came out and blood squirming down in to my ninja turtle shoe. Also remember when i ran away, i ran away to the ally behind my house and get cought by somelady, then get my ass kick and kick the teacher and then got to Disney Land the happiest place on earth!
Earliest memory - most clear is my 4rth birthday. A cowboy chocolate cake sans fence and cows, plastic cowboys, sitting undernieth the pic-nic table with my cousin, mike, on a warm january morning in Arizona.
at 4 (1949), seeing The Wizard of Oz in a theatre (never having seen a color film before, and being absolutely terrified of the green witch.
My earliest memory is when I was still in a baby bed and my cousins were all looking at me so I made them laugh... Maybe I have earlier memories but i'm not thinking to much tonight...
Well.. it would be amazing if it really is.. and we think it might be.. but I rememebr being in an elevator with my grandma at a hospital to see my mom after she had had one of my sisters. She left me in a waiting room and I wandered back into the elevator and started going up and down until someone noticed that I wasn't with anyone and they found my grandmother. I was sitting on the front desk when she came down and found me with my dad. The weird thing about that story is that the only time my grandmother went to the hospital was when my sister April had died .. and I was 15 months old. But I remember my grandmother and even the polyester suit she was wearing.
my mom pinning a cloth diaper on me. i'd lay down on my bed and she would fix me up. i also remember playing with these wooden blocks that had holes in them and you could put them on this string... and i would stick it down the back of my pants and pretend i was a cat..
  My earliest memory was shattered by a video cassette. My family has a tape of me when I was young, real young... so anything I may have remembered got replaced by facts on film. For example, I got to see my chubby 2-year old ass in a highchair eating my liquid peas & carrots... there's no chance I'd ever remember THAT. But besides the video, I remember going over my grandparents' old house and messing up my grandfather's super-expensive organ piano, then watch him whine while he tried to fix it.
my earliest memory is stepping out of my house on a damn hot summer day and burning my little featsies.
  Playing mommy and daddy with Krista Anderson in her dad's camper when I was probably 3 or 4. I knew it was a naughty thing to do, but we did it anyway. I don't know exactly what we did, but I know it involved being naked.
well as a child i was in and out of the hospital so i actually remember alot when i was around 2. i used to go to children's hospital, in Boston nearly everyday and living about an hour south of Boston that was pretty tough. but i actualy remember alot oft hat hospial, and i believe its my earliest because one instance i remember is when i kept asking my parents "i'm three, right.." so i could tell the nurse how old i just turned. and thats it. so yeah, there ya have it.
learning 1st position in ballet class. wearing a blue leotard, pink tights and white legwarmers....go 80's! woo
i was standing in the doorway of our old home. i must have been three years old. i was wearing my nightgown, and it was pitch black outside. tears are rolling down my face and there's a pounding ache in my head and ear. my mother swoops up behind me, wraps me in a blanket, and puts me in the passenger seat of her car.
i remember taking baths with my dad. and sometimes taking hour long showers where i would sit and play with toys. i remember a dump truck. i dont know why it was raining so much. and i remember him telling me secrets that maybe werent right, but defined me as an adult and have been very hard to break away from. i remember playing on a jungle gym and telling everyone he and i were going to go see a movie and i think it might have been the last one. i also remember looking out the screens to see my best friend across the street. we'd both be talking to each other on the phone.
so. what's your earliest memory? Sounds like a Tom Stoppard line =] What's the first thing you remember after everything you've forgotten? I just remember lying on my back in an airplane crying. oh, such fond memories of early childhood. ;P My mother insists it was when I was 2 and going to a wedding in southern California...who am I to argue? She shows me pictures of myself that I can't even remember being taken, then can tell me what I did next. moms rule! =]
  i remember slipping off the adjoining dock between my grandma and uncle's cottages, seeing nothing but murky water and ragged seawall remains, feeling as if i had been underwater forever (like a classic slow motion experience) until my uncle yanked me out of the water to safety...i remember meeting my adopted brother for the first time, riding home with him from detroit metro airport in the backseat of my grandpa's black lincoln town car, watching him eat ritz crackers and carefully removing every single crumb from his shirt...i remember my childhood nightmares, waking up and doing anything to fend off sleep, dreaming of being perched atop a grand piano balanced atop a steeple miles high, and killer white horses. thank god i barely remember high school...
i do remember with startling clarity being 4 years old, living in a 2 story townhome. scouring the front yard for 4 leaf clovers, getting a yellow bmx for my birthday, my father's boat in the garage, watching my little pony with my sister, playing with brianne and brandon, disliking kelly because she was all up on brandon, collecting stickers in a makeshift sticker book, carrying my cracked rose petal thermos every day even though it leaked, meeting dugan & eli for the first time, mom working late at big boy's, dad playing on a softball team, my soft terry cloth jumpers, and scratchy dresses... i swear i remember that year better than the one that just passed... which is prolly a blessing.

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